Pets can help Addictions Recovery

Pets can be therapeutic and you don’t need to leave them behind when you start treatment.

We love our dogs and cats.
A significant number of people needing to deal with Drug, Alcohol and other Addictions say they simply cannot leave their pets and move away from home to begin treatment. Of all the countless reasons (and excuses) why people reject the opportunity to attend a residential rehab, the commitment to care for pets heads the list.
At Addictions UK we can understand the emotional pressures on pet owners. The writer of this blog has several rescue dogs living with him!
The company of pets can be very therapeutic. We know their love is unconditional and they know our innermost secrets – because many of us talk to them all through the day!  It is a good way to unburden ourselves of the day’s problems! It is a positive aim “to be the person my animals think I am”. Though it is easy to forget the wise quotation from Kipling … “Brothers and Sisters I bid you beware … Of giving your heart for a dog to tear.”
But you don’t need to worry about leaving your pets when you begin treatment for your addiction.
Addictions UK offers specialised addictions treatment at home, including medical detox, and we can provide 24/7 affordable, confidential and effective treatment without the need for you to leave your pets behind. We also support families and friends through this process.
Addictions UK is sponsoring a fun dog show in “The Doghouse” at Seaham, County Durham, on 16th June starting at 10am. – and we are looking forward to a thoroughly enjoyable day that will raise much needed funds for a Regional Dog Rescue Charity. Please come along if you can. For more details see the show’s Facebook Events Page ».
With Addictions UK, you are just a phone call away from addictions recovery. Call 0800 140 4044 or contact us online.

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