Phone Therapy

Addictions Treatment works over the telephone just as well as meeting up

Phoning a Friend or Counsellor or Therapist is just as good as Face-to-Face meetings, according to Cambridge University Department of Psychiatry.

Professor Peter Jones says  “Providing Therapy over the telephone will not only help individuals gain much needed access to mental health treatment, it will provide a more cost-effective way of providing these services.”
The university looked at a sample of 5,500 people who had “talking cures” therapy.
Phone-based treatment was cheaper – £79 per session for telephone counselling compared with £117 per session for Face-to-Face contacts.
Addictions UK charges £30 per session for this service.
Simon Stephens, Addictions UK Director of Case Work, said, “We are really pleased to note these findings – we have been providing this kind of treatment for nine years and at last our methodologies are gaining some recognition.”
Peter J – a Service User and client of Addictions UK said: “As a busy professional who was leading a totally unmanageable lifestyle due to my drinking, I found telephone treatment both effective and very convenient.  I felt totally reassured and I have learned to abstain from drinking.  I was pleased that the services were totally confidential and very effective.”
For further information about telephone-based addictions treatment contact Simon Stephens at Addictions UK on 0800 140 4044 or have a look at the web page about our services.

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