Prepare for the Worst

Thought: ‘Into each life a little rain must fall – so look after your guttering!’

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Life does not run smoothly, as most people reading this Addictions UK Blog will be all too aware, especially those who have faced the challenges of alcohol addiction, drug addiction or anything similar.

We make plans and they don’t work out. We set out with the best of intentions but fail to achieve our goals.

The proverb tells us that “the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”. When disaster overtakes us we need to have resources and rescue plans already in place.

For anyone in any sort of recovery, the value of family, friends and mentors is beyond telling. Not only will they be there for us when things go wrong, helping us to get back on our feet, but often they can save us when we’re on the brink. Picking up the phone and talking over our worries or temptations is a lot easier to do than facing the consequences of mistakes and failures.

Building strong and supportive relationships is essential to survival.

In so many other ways too, preparing for the possibilities of a crisis can lessen its effects when something goes wrong … and sooner or later it will.

Only a fool drives a car that has no spare tyre.

A tin of soup in the cupboard, a torch by the armchair and a spare battery for a radio, these are all basic and obvious preparations to deal with problems. And we should be looking at every aspect of our lives to see where a little preparation for the unexpected could make all the difference.

The last thing anyone in recovery needs is additional stress and so even the tiniest, every-day contingencies matter.

Take a moment now and opportunities later to think about what you can do weather the storms, large and small.

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