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Addictions UK regularly posts items of interest to our Facebook Page. Most of these are links to on-line news from sources all over the world. Though they may be published from all sorts of locations, they all focus on developments in the experience and treatment of addiction or else reflect worthy or challenging opinions.
We think this stream of articles will interest all those in recovery and all involved in the treatment of addicts and that the variety of topics means that everyone will find something relevant quite often. Check it out at The page also regularly offers inspirational and encouraging thoughts and quotations to motivate and inspire.
Among the topics that journalists and bloggers raise, two seem to crop up more than others; one concerns the nature and definition of “addiction” and the other reviews the arguments about whether abstinence is essential to recovery.
On the latter, the position of Addictions UK is quite clear. Along with all those who believe that the Twelve Step path is the best route to recovery, we hold that there is no alternative to total abstinence from the substance or habit that has taken over someone’s life. Although turning away unequivocally from the addiction itself is not actually one of The Steps, it seems the inevitable result of admitting we are powerless over alcohol or drugs or gambling or whatever. If so, then total abstinence provides the only context in which the path to recovery can be followed.
That is probably the widely held view, but there are a few who disagree, arguing that it is possible to control and manage an addiction and that “a little of what you fancy” does not always mean total loss of control. It would be disingenuous to pretend that this point of view does not exist and our Facebook page links to its airing now and then. We think that the case for total abstinence is so strong that reviewing any challenge to it can only confirm its validity.
Less clear-cut is the argument about what constitutes “an addiction”. No-one doubts the power of alcohol, drugs, gambling, or pornography to ruin someone’s life. In each case there is point at which indulgence turns to addiction. However, if the line is not precise in any of those cases, then it is much more fuzzy in others. When, if ever, does over-eating become food addiction? Is there such as thing as “exercise addiction”?
When we share articles that ask such questions, we hope that they encourage readers to think again about the wider issues and reconsider and redefine their understanding. Taking a fresh look is not always easy but is almost always beneficial.
So please follow our page at and learn from what we share. Pass it on and don’t be shy to add your reaction and opinions.

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