Thought: Ending the conflict with someone else puts an end to conflict within yourself.

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However hard we pretend otherwise, disagreements and disputes are always painful.
We may be sure we are in the right. More often, truthfully, we doubt it and that may make us more defensive and obstinate.
No-one wants to lose face or be made to climb down.
But the damage that conflicts do is never one-sided.
Finding a way to make peace with the other person allows us to find peace within ourselves.
Most disagreements can be resolved without a mediator – and a good thing too because there is nothing more dangerous than than being drawn into someone else’s argument. But sometimes it is really is necessary to get help to iron out the difficulties and end the dispute.
The longer a conflict drags on, the more difficult it is to resolve. Seek a solution as soon as you can.
It really is in your own best interest because finding peace with someone else is sure to bring peace within yourself.
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