Recovery Group in Nepal

An appeal for help after the earthquake.
Addictions UK has received a letter from a group of Recovering Addicts in Nepal. Please contact us if you would like any help in forwarding your donations or support.

Dear Friends,

We recovering group from Nepal.

Roland Williams from California are trying to do something for the Nepali earthquake victim of our community from the recovering alcoholic and drug users of Nepal community.

We are proud that our brother Mr. Roland Williams is also helping us directly and indirectly to support our community as we did in villages. You can also communicate with him to go further if you are interested to be a part of our program.

There is very wrong judgement about users in our society. Drug users or alcoholics means that they are mad, characterless, and irresponsible or so many other labels are their which promotes stigma and discrimination in our community.

So we like to break these feelings helping others as 12 steps describes in 12 steps. This would be best opportunity for us. This will be really 12 steps having in our heart serving other people.

No body from such a recovering community [not talking about individual] is trying to do something help directly to our community here in Nepal but we like to do something small donation which could be either by our service, advising, counselling or distributing food, water, medicine etc. temporarily at this time.

We are also interested to set up rehabilitation program providing psycho social counselling or psycho spiritual counselling to those children and other people who are suffering from the post trauma or any kind of psychologically disorder through residential program or day care with adding many different spiritual, recreational and other healing programs.

We are of course taking care community children as part of healing program showing game and making fun at this present. We have done many other things helping individual people.

Thanks and goodbye,

Binod Aryal

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