Recovery must come first

Getting our priorities right …

Addiction Recovery and Treatment can definitely work.  There is no doubt that if a person with alcohol or drug dependency issues has had enough of their unmanageable behaviour then it is possible to conquer all of the problems that arise – including breakdown of relationships, homelessness and other misery that lead to  “Institutions, Prison and Death” if left unchecked.
What is certain is that Recovery and Addictions Treatment must be treated as an absolute priority.  It is impossible to do this as “an aside”.  It requires the help of others – often people who have been through addiction issues themselves and who have gained both a personal and learned theory base that is capable of being shared with others in need.  Few people can address this issue alone.
It is a good day when a Drug Addict takes no chemicals and an Alcoholic does not consume alcohol.  Everything else can flow from this simple step and anything further that is achieved is a bonus.
Addictions UK offers person-led addictions treatment and positively encourages those people who can to address their problems at home.  Not everyone can do this type of treatment – some may need a more structured residential facility.  There are many ways to Recovery – no one single recovery programme fits all.  Ownership of the type of services required are critical to the success of the treatment commissioned.
For further information please telephone 0800 140 4044 or contact us on line and we will provide information and free advice on the treatment options available.  Addictions UK is not a referral agent and does not receive commission payments from other providers.
There is more information about Home Alcohol Detoxes and Home Drug Detoxes and on-going treatments on our website.

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