Reflection and more work on addictions

Day 6 – 4th March 2009

Our first full day of feedback was held this morning after a very pleasant and relaxed breakfast. This was facilitated by two members of our group. We shared our experiences and high-lights of the journey to date and considered the group experience. The meeting was a very useful reflection period and allowed me to consider all the points raised in the quiet and privacy of my own room – all very positive for my own personal and professional growth.

After lunch I am off to Chennai again – I book a massage in a reputable clinic and try a traditional Indian Body Massage. It was heaven for 60 minutes and worth the cost (about ?12). The owner of the centre tells me about numerology – an Indian tradition. It appears that my key numbers are lucky. My next stop is Higginbottoms’ Bookshop – the biggest bookshop in Chennai to buy a book on the subject. The subject is liked to Astrology – most disappointing – I have never been a fan of the stars. My last visit is a few shops that sell carved elephants – nothing was available that I liked – I will keep on looking during the rest of my stay here.
On my return I met up with BB again for more work and discussions. These were very constructive, detailed and worthwhile. We worked all afternoon and then went out for a superb South Indian meal at a top restaurant in Chennai – the cost of the meal was very low by UK standards – but the quality of the food was simply magnificent. I was back in the hotel by 9.30 pm

I have agreed with BB that she and her husband SB will be visiting me on the 10th March in Pondicherry and that we will spend the final day working together on the 12th March with some of her colleagues and some of the people we met at the VIP lunch during the early part of our trip. This trip has been even more valuable thanks to my chance meeting of BB at an Al-Anon meeting. I am so grateful.

I have been mostly in my comfort zone throughout the journey so far. All my fears have not come to fruition. I have dealt with the poverty and issues of gender, class, dowry and culture well. The country is amazing. Why has it taken so long for me to get here? I am falling in love with India.

Tomorrow we leave for Nagapattinam District.

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