Saving your Child

The death of Any Winehouse has highlighted the danger of alcohol and drug addiction and the fact that this is a family illness. It affects all members of the family – not just the addict. Mitch and Janis Winehouse’s struggle to “cure” their daughter of her addiction will be shared by many parents and family members throughout the world.

Can a parent save their child from addiction?

Parents are used to being able to help their children through love and “kiss better” many problems – but addiction is different. Sadly we cannot change other people – only ourselves. Our loved ones suffering from addictions must want to be helped – fighting the illness of addiction is very hard – sometimes impossible. Surrender to it is the only option. It is possible on a day by day basis to live without drink and drugs – but help is needed in the form of addictions treatment and sometimes family interventions. In Amy Winehouse’s case the help offered – which was very considerable – failed. In other cases we have seen people conquer this dreadful illness and respond to treatment.

There are many theories about why people are addicts and even more about what type of treatment is the best. Addictions UK offers a person-centred approach to addiction treatment and we work with the whole family in teaching a recovery process. We offer two 24/7 telephone help and coaching telephone lines for our clients – and their families. Our home-based treatment is offered every day of the week. Yet like Amy Winehouse’s tragic case – it is not always going to work. Addiction is a savage and heart-breaking illness that knows no boundaries – rich/poor, famous/unknown, male/female, old/young, black/white and many other diversity differences – it can strike anywhere.

We commend an article on the BBC News Website which describes some of the issues that have arisen from Amy Winehouse’s tragic death. Help for family members and people who need addictions help is available. There are many self-help groups that can help, many recovery projects that can actively assist and support addicts. However, the willingness to seek help is in all cases required. Denial is often the first symptom of addiction.

Addictions UK is a specialist addictions agency that was established by addicts, alcoholics and carers in recovery. Our aim is to get people well. We specialise in working with people who chose not to enter residential rehabilitation centres or attend meetings of alcoholics. We can help people in their own home and if anyone needs help with either home detox or on-going treatment with addictions please contact us on

0800 140 4044

We are just a telephone away from addictions recovery.

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