Share Your Problems

“A problem shared is a problem halved”
It’s an old saying and a true one, provided you choose the right confidant. Knowing that someone else knows and understands brings a sense of relief and support. You are no longer alone in your troubles and whatever your problem is, you are still accepted.
Every recovering addict knows about the importance of mutual support for relapse prevention.
But it can go further than that.
In the right circumstances and with the right person (and that’s really important), the exchange of mutual support brings additional advantages. The recipient always benefits from care and encouragement and if there is an exchange of both then both are better off.
If you share similar problems then the sense that you are not alone and someone else really understands what you are facing is empowering.
And when you ask someone else for help it boosts their self esteem.
So for both the people involved, helping one another is both supportive and affirming.
It really can be true that “a problem shared is two problems halved”, and maybe even more.
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