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There’s a division of opinion over what makes a good teacher.
Most people would say that they want to learn from someone who has all the answers. But if we think about it, we know that, if we could take help only from someone who is perfect and infallible, then we would wait for ever.
After a little Thought, we realise that we need is a guide who has experienced the journey and knows how hard it can be. We look to people who are still keenly searching for the best way forward – and who have the humility not to pretend to know it all.
We talk disparagingly about “the blind leading the blind” as if there is always an alternative.
Someone once said, “I don’t know all the answers and I am not certain of the way, but I have an idea where, in all this darkness, the light might be and if you take my hand we can journey there together.”
Wise addicts never talk about a cure but about being in continuing recovery. So if you have made progress on that journey, go ahead and share with others what has worked for you. If you have made progress, found what works, even learned what fails, then others can benefit from that knowledge.
Do not be shy to share nor wait too long before you do.
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