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Why we only employ recovering addicts and alcoholics

Addictions UK firmly believe that to understand the problems of drug addiction or alcoholism you really must have been there yourself.  How can anyone understand the problems that this illness causes if they have not been through it themselves?

It is said that the first symptom of the illness of addiction is “denial” – and many would argue that denial = “Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying…  It takes “one” to recognise” another.

It is for this reason why we have joined Social Firms UK – an organisation that supports Social Enterprises to become Social Firms. We only employ people who have been the problem so that they can help people get well. 

It is not just good enough for these staff members to be in recovery. All of them have trained as Counsellors– and they work every day to improve their qualifications and effectiveness. 

Social Firms UK are the only organisation we know of that employ people with disabilities who understand the problems first hand. All organisations that belong to Social Firms UK employ staff who can identify with their client groups – because of their own individual experiences and background.

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