Successfully treating various addictions

Addictions recovery is Just Phone a call away

Most people think that Addictions UK only work with people with Drug and Alcohol Addictions. In fact, we work with people who urgently need help with many other addictions. There are for more addiction problems than just drug and alcohol issues.

We have a mixed group of clients and we have direct experience in working with people with addictions with:
” Pornography
” Sex and Love,
” Shopping,
” Shop-Lifting,
” Gambling,
” Internet,
” Food (including Sugar) and various eating disorders.
” Exercise

We work in similar ways across all addiction problems – Our core methods include

(i) Teaching, Coaching and Counselling clients to follow an abstinence-based recovery programme. We actively support both the addict and carer 24/7 by offering our Home- based Treatments which are affordable, effective and confidential. Addicts are just a phone call away from addiction recovery with Addictions UK’s services.

Daily treatment sessions and access to the Addictions UK 24/7 Helpline are a vital service to both clients and their carers. It is always the first time that we give in to our addictions that cause us the problems. If we can avoid the first time that we pick up our habit – then we have a good chance of learning coping measures to abstaining from our addiction.

Further information on these services – please contact us via our website – or telephone 0800 140 4044

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