The Drinking Classes

Professional classes are now the most frequent drinkers in the country – the BBC and Lancet focus on alcohol and addiction problems.

BBC Panorama is broadcasting a report hosted and researched by Alistair Campbell, Journalist and former right hand man of Tony Blair during his Prime Ministership.

41% of professional men drink more than the recommended daily limit of three to four units at least once a week. Women are also drinking much more than they used to, with alcoholic liver disease now split evenly between the sexes.

Many professionals drink even higher amount of alcohol.

Recent figures show that nearly 9,000 people die each year in the UK from alcohol-related diseases. Liver disease in general is the only major cause of death in Britain that is on the rise, year after year – claiming 100 lives every week – whereas mortality for all the smoking diseases is falling dramatically.

Many physicians have called for more resources to be invested in the treatment of alcohol abuse and addiction.

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In an article in the Lancet it has been reported that failure to reform alcohol laws could lead to 210,000 preventable deaths in England and Wales in the next 20 years, doctors have warned. The projected mortality figures come from Prof. Ian Gilmore, a former President of the Royal College of Physicians, Dr. Nick Sheron, from the National Institute for Health Research and members of the British Society of Gastroenterology.

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