Tried and Tested

Thought: ‘It doesn’t have to be a new idea to be worth trying.’

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The challenges you face may be new to you but they are rarely new to mankind.
Especially when it comes to alcohol addiction, drug addiction or other addictions, the experiences different people have usually have a lot in common. And so there are tried and tested ways to face the problems of addiction and find a successful path through recovery.
At Addictions UK we are convinced that abstinence from addiction and following the Twelve Steps is the best way.
Now, of course, while the problems and challenges may be similar, each person is completely different. A programme for recovery needs to be tailor made for each individual, depending on their lifestyle, circumstances, family and social environment and many other factors.
Any good programme for recovery will focus on the needs of the individual and be client-centred.
One thing that is different at Addictions UK is our focus on home-based treatment. Wherever it’s possible and best for the client, we provide the resources and support to enable recovery while you remain at work and surrounded by the people you normally rely on for encouragement and help.
Even home-based detox is available for all those for whom it offers a the best start to recovery although, sometimes, residential treatment really does offer a better choice.
The tried and tested ways to recovery are the best and Addictions UK can offer them and help you make the most of them.
Please contact us now if you need help with recovery from any addiction.

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