What is the Success Rate for Addictions UK?

Addictions UK is proud to have a higher success rate than many other addiction treatment programmes.

Hello, I’m Simon Stevens and Director of case work for AddictionsUK.

We’re often asked, what’s our success rate. We like to reply that over 70% of our clients can and do get well.
That’s not to write off the other 30% – perhaps they may take longer in their recovery.

The way that you can ensure that you fall into the recovery group, is to bring your hope and enthusiasm to the programme.

One of the reasons that our recovery rate is so much higher than many other programmes you may have encountered, is we work hard to match our clients needs with the recovery programme offered.

If you use AddictionsUK we’ll work exceptionally hard finding a programme that matches your needs.
We work on a 1-2-1 basis, whatever we work with, however we work with you, we especially work towards your recovery.

Please contact us online to discuss any of our other services as each needs to be carefully tailored to the needs of the individual. Or you can call us.

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