You can always start again

Thought: Today I can choose to be in recovery, even if yesterday I was not.

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Except in a few, high-risk occupations, failure is never final.
Anyone who thinks that the path to recovery is a smooth one is kidding themselves and the more we delude ourselves that recovery from addiction is easy or just a matter of will-power,  the sooner we will be disappointed and disillusioned.
While lack of success or progress can be depressing, the realisation that there is always another chance is empowering.
Life is a game of snakes and ladders. Most people in most ventures climb to new levels and then slip back. But it’s always possible to start again and, usually, to progress further and faster than the first time around.
The only real failure is the acceptance of failure.
As well as realising that we CAN pick ourselves up and start over, it’s important to see how much we can do to reduce the risks.
Trying to live an orderly life is usually helpful. Routine keeps us going and alerts us to when we are straying from healthy and positive patterns and putting ourselves at risk.
The greatest aid to continuing recovery is the support of family and friends and supporters and mentors. We all know how important it is to be able to pick up the phone and say to a friend “I’m feeling down; I think I’m at risk; I need some support.”
Everyone fails from time to time. We make mistakes, we fall short of our goals, we slip back. But it’s never too late to say “here and now is a new beginning with every possibility of success”.
When you are in sustained recovery and rediscovering happiness and security you will never think “it wasn’t worth trying again.”
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