Addiction is not a question of morality

Many people who seek treatment services for drug and alcohol addiction believe that their conduct is partly a matter of self-blame. Lack of self-control is perceived as being the main cause of the problems experienced by the heavy drinker or drug user.

At Addictions UK we know that using alcohol or drugs can be a very pleasurable and we take no moral position on that enjoyment- it is a matter of personal choice for the individual to make. Every day we receive a considerable amount of information on the rights and wrongs of alcohol and drug use. Given that most people have the capacity to control their consumption we respect their choice to consume alcohol and drugs – as long as they are aware of the full consequences of their action legally and medically. We do not form an opinion whether someone is “bad” because of their use of these chemicals.

We do however actively want to help, support, coach, and teach and to counsel those who have come to the conclusion that they have become powerless of the use of alcohol or drugs and that as a consequence their lives have become unmanageable. If someone has come to the conclusion that they are suffering from an addiction it is important for them to understand that in most cases – they cannot solve the problems themselves. They will need help.

Addictions UK provides free assessment for those people who need help. We will share with the enquirer details of their choices – and we will never apply pressure on them to follow a given solution to their problem. There are many routes to recovery and we will share as much information with them as possible.

Addictions UK provides home-based support and treatment to people with addiction problems and we can even identify residential rehabilitation centres if deemed to be more appropriate. Addiction – including alcohol addiction and drug addiction is a difficult illness to cure – but we can assist clients and enquirers to find ways of managing their problems on a day to day basis.

For further information – contact us or telephone us on 0800 140 4044.

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