Dying for a Drink – BBC Panorama

BBC Panorama focuses on those “Dying for a Drink”
A recent BBC 1 documentary showed the problems of alcohol consumption in the UK, the health problems caused and the cost of treating patients affected by alcohol related issues.

The programme claimed that the low cost of alcohol exacerbated the problems.

The programme also questioned the balance of representatives from the Alcohol Industry on Government Advisory Panels. Alcohol Concern and some other Charities have chosen to resign from the advisory committees in protest that the Government will not take sufficient action to reduce the health problems faced by millions of people.

We attach a link from the BBC website which may be of interest to readers:


Addictions UK is disappointed that the programme did not focus on any solutions available to people facing the problems of alcoholism. Clearly there is a difference between “heavy drinkers” and those pathologically dependent.

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