Concordat Graduates Move Into Action

Former service users from UK rehab projects launch their own Social Networking website.

A group of former service users from rehab projects around the United Kingdom have formed themselves into a constituted organisation. The aim of the group is to publicise the success of Recovery through abstinence based rehab services. The group are launching their own social network site – please see They recommend that new members log on and register.The Graduate Group plans to carry out the following actions:


  1. Formulation of standard letter for members to send new graduates.
  2. Formulation of letter to send GPs etc. publicising the organisation.
  3. Delivery of National, Regional and local structure including the appointment of key local officers and their responsibilities.


  1. Appointment of local and regional representatives as per structure.
  2. Collecting and sending letters to MPs etc. publicising the regional groups
  3. Rehab representatives to get access to database for sending introduction letter.
  4. Rehab representatives to arrange meeting and or reunions to generate support for the campaign.
  5. Publish The Concordat Graduate Newsletter – probably quarterly.

Addictions UK supports the formation of a “Graduate” Organisations. The United Kingdom has many rehab projects that have had a major impact promoting recovery and saving many peoples’ lives. It is important that the general public and politicians in particular know of the success of the work of addiction treatment agencies.

Addictions UK former clients have indicated that they will support the Graduate Organisation.

Addictions UK specialises in offering home-based addictions treatment services including addictions treatment from alcohol and drugs. Home detox can be conducted anywhere within the UK if required, subject to necessary risk assessment checks.

For further information please contact us or telephone 0800 140 4044

Addictions UK is a social enterprise based in the North East of England.

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