Addictions Treatment at Home

Recovery plan for Drug or Alcohol Addiction 
£150.00 per week
home garden
You can escape the Hell caused by Drug and Alcohol Addiction.
Addictions UK offers Addictions Treatment at Home which lets you to stay at home and continue your usual work, family life and other activities. The programme is customised for each client and is primarily aimed at people suffering from Drug and Alcohol Addictions.
It is affordable, effective and confidential and you do not have to book into a residential rehab, leave your loved ones or pay for expensive residential services.
Before you begin, we will discuss with you the likely time required to set you on a secure path to recovery. We usually recommend a twelve week treatment programme but for some clients it may be longer or shorter. Your therapist will recommend what suits you best.
Treatment normally requires an hour every day – a half hour telephone session and half an hour’s “homework”. There are more details of the methods we use on our Home Page.
Your family and friends also can call upon a dedicated, separately staffed helpline to support them if required.

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