Help for Other Addictions

Gambling, Pornography and more
£150.00 per week
Nearly two hundred different types of addictive behaviour have been identified. Addiction is not just about Alcohol and Drugs.
Addictions UK offers Home- based Addictions Treatment to people with every sort of addictive disorder including: gambling addictions, shopping, shoplifting, pornography, love, sex, internet, gaming, work, compulsive eating, exercise, computers and many more.
Our Home-based Treatment Programme lets you remain at home and continue your usual work, family life and other activities. It is affordable, effective and confidential.
At the start we will discuss with you the length of programme you are likely to need to set you on a secure path to recovery. For most clients that is twelve weeks. We will also assess your individual needs and any risks.
You will need to find an hour every day – half an hour for telephone a telephone session and another half hour for follow-up work.
Your family and friends also can call upon a dedicated, separately staffed helpline to support them if required.

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