Alcohol and Sexual Health

BBC News article discusses the need to alert young people to the affects of excessive drinking on the decisions they make.

AUK takes no moral stance on drinking alcohol. For many it is simple pleasure to be enjoyed and shared. But everyone recognises that, as with many other things, excesses can lead to dangers and problems.
For example, the extent to which alcohol can affect the decisions young people make about their sexual behaviour is highlighted in a recent BBC News article.
We do, though, have a strong position when, for some people, the need for alcohol comes to dominate and ruin their lives; and that position is that we are here to help.
We don’t judge, let alone condemn – we simply apply all our experience and understanding to help addicts on the path to recovery and to support their families and friends.
If you or someone close to you needs our help then please contact us using the form on our website or by telephoning 0800 140 4044

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