BBC Finds More Alcohol Problems

The BBC has uncovered a huge increase in elderly people who have alcohol dependency problems and who need to access treatment.

The BBC Inside Story has featured evidence of a very large rise in the number of elderly people being treated for drinking problems in London.
The figures compiled for BBC reveal that, over the past 10 years, there has been a 163% increase in alcohol-related hospital admissions for the over 65s.
They claim that the rate is rising faster for the over 65s than any other age group in the UK, and only North-East England has a higher rate of these admissions than London.
Addictions UK, specialise in treating those people who cannot traditionally access residential treatment or day care, and we have noticed a similar trend.
Simon Stephens, Director of Case Work at Addictions Uk said “I am not surprised by these findings – the biggest growth area for Addictions UK last year was among the elderly, housebound and disabled.”
Addictions Treatment at Home – especially for alcohol dependency is an affordable, effective therapy for those people who do not want to put their lives on hold and want to find recovery from with their own homes.
For further information about these services – or if you know of anyone who fits into this category please  contact us on line or telephone 0945 4567 030.
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