Anonymous Addiction Treatment? Addictions UK offers an effective and affordable service – Even in Rural Locations.

Those who have had experience of living in a rural location will immediately identify with the difficulties of accessing confidential services delivered from within that rural locality. The ability to keep secrets is far harder in a small hamlet than in a major urban conurbation.

Rural locations hold less problems nowadays to access comprehensive addictions recovery and treatment programmes. There is no need to travel to urban areas to access your treatment.

The day-to-day problems of accessing quality services such as transport, health and social services, education, banks, supermarkets etc. are far harder in rural communities than urban equivalents. As such, living costs tend to be higher and choices are limited. Rural poverty can prevent the accessing of many services. But Addictions UK can now provide effective and anonymous addictions treatment service right into your front room.

Our recovery scheme is accessible on a 24 hour basis. The use of the telephone as a delivery method permits the programme to be accessed at a time to suit all clients.

Addictions UK staff can deliver a personalised one-to-one ‘recovery programme’ into the home of a person who has problems with alcoholism or addictions. The telephone is used to bridge the gap and for us to be able to communicate with you. Thus there will be no person visiting your home, nor will you have to travel to a treatment centre.

This programme is ideal for those individuals who live within close-knit communities who require utmost discretion. The personalised teaching of the recovery/treatment programme will be complemented by the ongoing coaching element of our delivery method. The service is cheaper to access, is available on a 24 hour basis and is guaranteed to be personalised and confidential.

It is the ability of Addictions UK staff members to form close professional relationships with their clients that makes all the difference. Our staff members are all recovering addicts and alcoholics with good long-term sobriety. They know the difficulties of addiction and have worked through the problems whereby they can abstain from addictive chemicals and behaviour on a day-by-day basis. This scheme works and can make a difference to you.

We can receive referrals from practitioners or direct from individual clients. Additionally, we can offer support to your family members and include them in the process of recovery. If you are committed to your own recovery and can make this treatment programme a priority then you may wish to contact us.

Addictions UK are a leading provider of Home-based Addictions Treatment for alcohol and drugs and Home Detox Services. Please telephone us on 0800 140 4044 or see our website for further information.

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