Warning on more deaths caused by Alcohol

Sir Richard Thompson, President of the Royal College of Physicians, commenting on the study released today in The Lancet on projection of alcohol deaths in the UK, said:”How many more people have to die from alcohol-related conditions, and how many more families devastated by the consequences before the Government takes the situation as seriously as it took the dangers of tobacco”?

“We already know from the international evidence that the main ways to reduce alcohol consumption are to increase the price and reduce the availability of alcohol, yet the government continues to discuss implementing marginal measures while ignoring this evidence. Just as the government would expect us to treat our patients with effective medicines, we expect the government to take much stronger action to protect people from alcohol-related harm, when will that happen?” (from politics.co.uk)

We have said in our blogs many times that addiction can be a fatal illness – it can lead to “Institutions, Prison and Deaths” and we see that every month just in our own project. Our view is that it is not possible to prevent addiction. We work tirelessly trying to help our clients to improve their lives – and with a great deal of success.

Addictions UK offers help with alcohol and drug addiction. Our Home-based addictions treatment service and Home Detox for Alcohol and Drugs can be successful. Please telephone on 0800 140 4044 for further information.

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