Facing the Truth

Thought: ‘To admit to a weakness is daunting but no-one can help you until you do.’
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People often say that that addicts are controlled by denial. To pretend there is no problem is comforting and feels safe, even if the security is an illusion and the dangers immense.
But the experience of many is that the denial is just an act. We know we have a problem. The challenge is not in recognising it but in confronting it.
It’s obvious that we cannot accept help until we admit we need it.
The New Year is a time for review and renewal. If we can admit to just one weakness and accept that we need help we will have taken a big step forward.
What we confront today may not be the biggest problem in our lives. But it is one more obstacle to progress and its removal will make it easier to focus on what really matters.
And every time we face a problem, however small, and conquer it, our confidence in ourselves and in those who try to help us will grow. And every time we admit to a weakness and we confront it and deal with it we become stronger and better able to deal with the other problems we face.

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