Starting Recovery

Thought: “Rock bottom” is the best place to start to lay foundations.
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There is a myth that an addict has to loose everything before he can start to rebuild his life. But from early on AA recognised “high bottom” and “low bottom” – different points for different people at which the realisation of the need for help is triggered.
Denial is both symptom and cause of the disease of addiction. As we try to persuade ourselves there isn’t a problem, at least not a big one, we slip further into the illness and the denial becomes stronger.
For some this vicious circle will not end until they realise that life simply cannot get any worse. When you have lost job and home and family and your whole universe is a pavement and a bottle it’s almost impossible to remain in denial about the consequences of addiction.
But for some people, even loss of reputation is the end of the world. Or maybe seeing the pain of a loved one parts the veil of denial and reveals a vision of how deep the pit can be, even before you hit its floor.
However you define it and at whatever point it comes, it is possible to realise how awful the depths are and, in seeing the darkness we begin to “see the light”.
Realising that “we are powerless over our addiction”, that “Life has become unmanageable” and that “only a power greater than ourselves can help us” is both the most challenging and the most hopeful moment. It is in the realisation of our weakness that we begin to find strength and knowing our need for help makes us ready to accept it and begin recovery.
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