Facing Up To Addictions Recovery

Recovery at Home from Alcohol, Drug and other Addictions can work when Residential Rehab seems impossible.
Finally accepting that you have an addiction is probably the best thing you can do for your whole life. But one downside is that you can no longer maintain your denial about all the problems you are facing.

The last thing you need right then is to be overwhelmed with a whole new set of difficulties arising directly from the process of recovery.

For some people, the prospect of leaving their work and their family to enter Residential Rehab is so overwhelming that they feel like giving up on treatment before they have even started.

Addictions UK was established by a group of recovering addicts, alcoholics and carers in 2002 in order to bring recovery to others, especially by means of home-based treatment – read more »

Recovery at Home from Alcohol, Drug and other Addictions means you don’t have to leave your job and be isolated from the support of your loved ones.

When someone really does need Residential Treatment, Addictions UK can arrange that; sometimes recovery at home is not what someone needs or is just not practical. But usually, Home-based treatment is the best option for reducing additional stress and difficulty at an already challenging time.

If you are committed to Recovery from Addiction, please fill-in our contact form or telephone 0800 140 4044.

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