Free Counselling in the North East

Free Counselling & Addictions Treatment

Do you need help and live in County Durham?
We attach to this blog details of a new scheme we are supporting in parts of County Durham in conjunction with Addictions North East – a regional charitable organisation serving the Area from Berwick down to Teesside who have secured funding.
Their schemes will be mostly offered in rural areas and will be home-based treatment concentrating on “well-being” issues.
In East Durham funding has been obtained from the LEADER programme funded through DEFRA and The European Agricultural Fund.
Yesterday we were guests of Upper Teesdale Agricultural Support Services (UTASS) and we visited a farm in the heart of Upper Teesdale. The remoteness of those hillside communities confirmed how difficult it is to be cut off from near neighbours and underlined how difficult accessing services is – especially for people with addiction problems.
Please contact us if we can provide further information – either by telephone 0800 140 4044 or by e-mail direct to Addictions North East – or via their web site:

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