Shocking Addiction Death Rates

Alcohol is third leading cause of death in men aged 15 to 59

An article written by John F Kelly and Julie Yeterian in this month’s “Addiction Today” highlights some shocking statistics.
The article, titled “Empirical awaken: The New Science on Mutual Help – and Cost Control”, shows the pivotal role groups such as AA and NA can play in recovery and how, finally, these self-help groups are moving centre stage in addiction treatment.  Addictions UK believes that when self-help groups are coupled with professional 12 Step Facilitation Recovery, outcomes improve dramatically.
None of this surprises us; since our inception we have encouraged all our clients to attend such meetings. Of course, not all people feel they want to participate in group sessions. Some have come to believe that AA/NA are religious groups, which of course is not true. We gently work through these concerns with our clients until they feel strong enough to try a group and find out for themselves.
We do, however, believe that this must be the client’s own choice – we never pressure any one to do something with which they are uncomfortable.
The fifty-two research references that were used for the article can be found at
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