How do you know if you’re an addict?

Hello, my name is Simon Stephens and I’m Director of case work for AddictionsUK.

How do you know if you’re an addict?

Ask yourself these two questions;

  • Am I powerless over the substance I’m addicted to? Do I find that I no longer have a choice as to whether I use or not?
  • Is my life turning to chaos, is it unmanageable?

If the answer to these two questions is “yes”, then we earnestly advise you to speak to one our counsellors, to discuss this matter further.

Is there a cure for this illness?

I regret to say there isn’t, but we can offer you recovery on a daily basis.

Addiction is a chronic illness like diabetes, if you stop taking the medication, or the treatment then the disease will reoccur.

Relapse is a major part of this illness, but we at AddictionsUK have developed a special package for relapse prevention, to help you keep well.

We believe that abstinence is a vital part of our programme. We can help you achieve this and maintain this on a daily basis.

We offer a holistic programme that will make your life much happier than it is now.

I can honestly say that things do get better.

I recollect at the beginning of my recovery things looked bleak and desperate, but day-by-day things really improved.

I can honestly say that I’ve had the happiest few years of my life, since I started abstinence.

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