Home Based Addiction Treatment from Addictions UK

Addictions UK exists to offer a Specialist Home-based Addictions Recovery Programme.

Hello, my name is Simon Stephens and I’m the Director of case work for AddictionsUK.

I’m here to help you and one of my best assets is my own recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

Despite many years of counselling training which I value dearly, I still believe that the best asset I have to help people in your situation is my own experience.

We’re often asked, what makes AddictionsUK different to other treatment programmes?

Most of all, the biggest difference is the flexibility we can offer you.

We don’t ask you to stay in a residential treatment centre for months on end.

Instead, we encourage you to be part of everyday society, but we do ask that you can spend at least half an hour with us, on the telephone or perhaps through computer, to work with us on a therapeutic programme of recovery.

Whilst for many people, residential treatment can be very beneficial, we often find that when clients come away from their rehab, that they’re faced with their problems that with no support, to help them get through their daily lives.

We like to work with you on a daily basis, with helplines and with daily talk sessions, that allow you to cope with the days problems as they come up.

Ok, everybody asks, how much does this cost?

One of the unique advantages of AddictionsUK, is the low costs involved.

We don’t have to pay for your room and board, what you do pay for, is skilled counsellors and therapists, who will help you recover for the minimum of cost.

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