Just for Today

How you can get serene, one day at a time

When you first get sober, and learn that alcoholism is a chronic disease, and you need to remain abstinent lifelong, it is a daunting thought. 

That’s why we need to take it one day at a time. That way, it is more manageable.

Our focus needs to be only on today. Just for today.

Here are some thoughts to help you remain sober, just for today. We will deal with tomorrow when it comes.

Just for today I will live only these precious 24 hours. I will focus on now. I needn’t contemplate the entire tapestry of my life; I need only consider how I shall weave the pattern of today with the thread of minutes and hours that is mine.

I will cherish the day as if it were my last. Today is yesterday’s much-anticipated “someday” – tomorrow’s longed-for “back when.” I will hug this treasure of today to my chest, and regard the wonder of it with the same joy I behold a newborn. This day is new, and so am I.

Today I will not relive the past. I may look back, but I will not stare. I cannot live yesteryear’s glories; not can I erase yesterday’s mistakes. In retrospect, I see howe each event, joyful or sad, has led to becoming who I am today. I will view my life as a journey, and gain perspective. I will not regret the past, but learn from it.

Today I will not agonize or worry about the future. Worrying is a waste of time. How many people, long since gone, worried that Brexit would come? It came anyway. How many people have abandoned their businesses and homes to stand on a hill awaiting the end of the world? It hasn’t happened yet. Tomorrow comes, for good or bad, despite the time I squander in anticipation. I will plan for tomorrow, live for today.

If my waking hours are spent recalling the past or anticipating the future, I am throwing away life’s most precious gift: today. That’s why it’s called the “present”! 

For these 24 hours, I will give the day its due; I will start over tomorrow. 

This is my opportunity to start afresh. I am not responsible for yesterday or tomorrow. I am only responsible for today, and how I choose to live it. I will be here now.

Photo by Sage Friedman from Unsplash

Just for today I will be happy. It is my choice to be happy. I know that my attitude determines my state of mind. With a positive attitude and an open mind, I ensure that I will retain my serenity no matter the circumstances of the day.

I am responsible for my happiness. I am not a puppet, controlled by the whims and moods of others. I have no control over others. I do control how I choose to react. I am not a button to be pushed by irritating coworkers, willful children, or honking strangers. I m like a deep, peaceful pool, unaffected by the winds which blow across my surface. My peace and my happiness come from within, and cannot be taken from me.

Others may acct in a hurtful or irritating manner. I do not have to take it personally. I realize that another person’s behaviour toward me may say far more about them than it does about me. If ai am doing the right thing, I need not accept pain, anger, frustration, or blame. Nor will I blame others. I will remember that few people are wicked; they may act as they do because they are insecure and ignorant – and neither circumstance warrants my becoming upset. I will give others the benefit of the doubt.

If pain is constant in my life, it indicates a need for me to change. Just as I would seek help in treating physical pain, I must resolve unhealthy attitudes and situations. I may treat with a prayer, talk with a trusted friend, my sponsor in the fellowship, or seek professional support. I will accept the truth that pain is optional.

Today I will foster happiness in myself and others with a ready smile, gentle manner, sunny outlook and confidence that everyone deserves happiness.

Just for today I will accept whatever is; I will not manipulate people and circumstances to suit my desires.

I will accept the premise that things happen for a reason. A circumstance may arise that I did not plan on even desire. I will accept it as an opportunity. Instead of fighting the situation, I will look for the lesson to be learned. Instead of crying, “Why me?” I will ask “What can I learn from this?”

As I leave behind my old behaviour of trying to control everything and everyone. i will learn to welcome he unexpected situation, as I search eagerly for the lessons which will help me grow to become wiser, more capable, and understanding.

Acceptance often entails forgiveness. I cannot deal with reality if I am continuing to nurture hurt, regret, or anger. I cannot move forward dragging this old baggage. The question is not, Do my enemies – those who have hurt me – deserve my love, but, Do I deserve my love? I will act in my own best interest by forgiving and accepting others. The past cannot hold me if I do not hold it.

Perhaps those who pass through my life are not friends or enemies, loved ones or stranger, as much as they are my teachers, each bringing a lesson, an example. I there a trait I can emulate, one I should avoid? What does my reaction to this person – or that group – say about me? As I accept other people as they are, so I will gently accept myself, knowing that I am trying to become the person I was meant to be.

As I learn to leg go and let God, I know inner peace, peace and harmony pervade all my relationships. I am prosperous and my life is successful.

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