My last day in Pondicherry

Day 13 – 11 March 2009

I slept really well last night. I was in a deep sleep when my alarm call sounded at 0630 – I was straight out of bed into the shower and down to breakfast. It is so much easier getting out of bed in Tamil Nadu than on a cold March morning in Northern England. Today we are organising a morning of reflection – we are visiting the local Ashram for a contemplative hour of individual reflection. The building and grounds are quite stunning. Ironically this one hour session was one of my cherished moments in India. It crystallised the spiritual aspects of the Learning Journey. No wonder that George H and his cronies were inspired by the spirituality of this country. The group practiced three more individual group exercises – the three hours spent on reflection was a good idea and the process allowed for the dust to settle in my mind. Lunch followed with the inevitable walk along the beach – the street had been washed down by last night’s heavy rain. It was very humid and hot but I really loved it. My 20 pounds Panama Hat, purchased from Marks and Spencer prevented severe burning to my bald head – the best 20 quid I have spent in a long time.

Lunch was held in a restaurant around the corner – food looked delicious but I had a bowl of soup – probably wise to give my stomach a rest for a while. The off to look at some shops, change currency and back to the hotel to attend to my e-mails and blog. The air conditioning system is really efficient – It transforms the bedroom into a refrigerator – compared to the baking hot temperature outside including the main body of the Hotel.

I am more than ready to come home – my Journey has been positive – but for me two weeks is a long time to be away from home. It is our last Group Dinner this evening – I have a leisurely shower, pack my bags, pay my hotel bill. I will be driven back in Chennai later tonight for one more day of hard work. It is 2.00 when I arrive at the Green Park Hotel. I have a lovely suite here and after finishing off paperwork, making a few phone calls I am in bed asleep. I feel at ease here.

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