Supporting Addictions Programmes in Tamil Nadu then travelling home – the learning Journey comes to an end…

Day 14
BB arrived at the Hotel for our meeting during the mid-morning – we telephone her business advisor to see if she can see us?. BB runs a charity and I wonder whether we can assist? The day is filled with questions, ideas and proposals – all of which are really enjoyable to debate. We meet at the Business Advisor’s home – which is spacious and very pleasant.

During the afternoon I was able to do some last minute shopping before meeting BB and some of her professional friends for a last Dinner together. The food was exquisite, the company was amazing and it was an ideal last night – a mix of business and social – and with aome very nice people.

My flight left Chennai at about 2.00 in the morning – and I was soon en route home. The flight was comfortable and I was lucky to have slept most of the way! I arrived home feeling really good – – though the tiredness caught up with me in our early eveing…. so it was an early night – and then back to my routine.

I intend to write another page or two on my overall impressions. I only wrote this blog because some close friends wanted to see what i was doing and to check that I was not having a holiday. I hope that the basic information offered was of some interest and that I will never be required to write a blog again – ever ever ever!

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