UK Detox Service commences today

Detox Anonymous – A Community Detox Service is here

Today our new Detox service is launched and we have been busy dealing with the several people who formed our waiting list.

From today we shall be accepting clients seeking a detox caused by their consumption of alcohol. It is hoped that in early June 2009 we shall be able to assist people with services relating to their consumption of other drugs.

These services can be accessed through this website

Details of the Detox Anonymous service can be inspected on their website.

Our basic services includes ongoing treatment for 20 days during / after the detox. The Terms and Conditions of our Service Level Agreement can be viewed on both websites.

Experienced Doctors and Nurses supervise the detox – Further details can be obtained by telephoning 0800 140 4044 or via one of the websites mentioned above.

Our treatment regime uses a combination of CBT, Coaching, Person-Centred Counselling and 12 Steps. All our Treatment workers / Counsellors are recovering addicts/alcoholics with an excellent record of sobriety and clean time…

It is great to be able to start our blog with such excellent news!

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