Community Detox for Drug and Alcohol Addiction – only part of the solution

A positive solution to Drug and Alcohol Addictions Problems

Home Detox is a safe, comfortable and convenient way of starting the process of recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction problems. We offer the best medical treatment supported by skilled and trained recovering addicts who are always there to help our client through this most difficult time.

Our team of Addictions Treatment Workers will work with new clients after they have received a detox treatment – from no matter where. Our services are “pick n mix” … Take what you need to make it work for you… We use a combination of methods that include 12-Steps, CBT, Daily Coaching and Person-Centered Counselling.

We work with a varied client group – and can commence treatment with people who need detox, ongoing “talking therapies” or Relapse Prevention Interventions.

If you need help and support the Addictions UK Home-Based Addictions Treatment is at the end of the telephone. 0800 140 4044 … We are Independent, Confidential, Affordable and Effective.

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