The Addictions UK 24/7 Helpline

Addictions UK Relapse Prevention Service works well

Yesterday, we received a telephone call from a client who for the last three years has been sober and clean whilst pursuing his occupation as a Solicitor. We worked with this client for 26 weeks. He promised to attend AA meetings after completing his recovery programme with us. – And this seemed to be a good idea for him to try out.

Last week he had a particularly nasty crisis – he has not been attending his regular AA meetings – and instead of sitting in his arm chair – as he used to do – telling every one about “Poor me, Poor me – Pour me another drink” he picked up the phone and chatted through his issues with one of our experienced Treatment Workers. The next day his former worker telephoned him and had a good session with him – and they have a greed that he needs to use our free 24/7 helpline for a bit to chat through some of issues that need to be resolved.

Addictions UK support former clients with “relapse prevention” issues – even after their contract with us has been completed. It was really good to hear from this client – especially since he has been sober and clean for three years! I was really pleased that the work we covered three years ago with this particular client had been remembered. Picking up the phone is always essential when in a crisis.

We all need some help with our addictions problems – Addictions UK have a variety of ways we can help clients. You are just a phone call away from addictions recovery

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