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Support Addictions UK

In my blog this morning, I’m going to ask for your help and all it will require is 2-3 minutes of your time. But first, I’d like to explain why the work that Addictions UK does is so valuable.

Addiction problems permeate every level of society and are so common it is said that nearly everyone knows at least one person with an addiction or dependency problem. Alcoholism and drug dependency are the addictions that most have heard of, but this problem can also afflict people through things like gambling, nicotine, prescription drugs, eating disorders, sex / love. Even things such as internet use, pornography and shoplifting, are becoming increasingly recognised by experts as activities that have become addiction problems for some people.

Whatever the nature of the dependency, addiction is a serious problem that can lead to the loss of employment, family, friends, health and, in some instances, even life itself. Addictions UK is a recovery program that helps addicts break the cycle of addiction and recover a normal life.

One of the things that particularly impressed me about Addictions UK is the way in which their recovery program is arranged. Rather than operating via a clinic or a residential facility, the program is designed as a home-study course with instructional material provided through workbooks and DVDs. Additionally, every individual who enrols is assigned a qualified addiction counsellor who spends approximately thirty minutes on the telephone, every day, teaching, coaching and counselling as part of their therapy program. Clients are asked to do a small amount of homework every day.

As you can imagine, this approach is very helpful for individuals who can’t afford to take time off work to reside in a facility, who are housebound, live in rural areas, work abroad, or who are simply anxious about confidentiality.

Other noteworthy aspects of Addictions UK:

  • They are open-minded and will treat addicts of all kinds, not just drugs and alcohol.
  • All of the addiction counsellors are recovering addicts with a significant spell of sobriety.
  • They can assist addicts living anywhere in the world – all that’s required is a telephone or internet access.
  • They offer a home-based detoxification service, throughout the UK, using experienced doctors and nurses.
  • A 24/7 telephone helpline is provided to all patients.
  • A separate telephone helpline is also provided to assist and support the family and carers of the addict.
  • They will work with employers who wish to provide employees the opportunity to gain addiction treatment.

Addictions UK provides a valuable service, both for addicts, and their friends and family. By offering an option, other than a rehabilitation clinic or attending community meetings, the way has been opened for addicts to obtain treatment, even if concerns over discretion have previously held them back.

If you’d like to offer your support, there is a very simple way you can do this and it WON’T cost you any money. Please take a couple of moments to spread the word about Addictions UK by completing one or more of the “Helping Hands” listed below.

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