Private Sector must be involved in Addictions Recovery

What plans do the Home Office and other important Departments of State like Health and Work and Pensions have to ensure the active involvement of the Private Sector in the implementation of its policy?

The reasons for our questions stem from the fact that there is little if any, involvement of private sector organisations in the regional and local bodies charged with overseeing your strategy and policy. The Government is running down or closing the RDA, the PCTs and the Regional Health Authorities and it is anticipated that the remaining public sector agencies, joined, possibly, by selected third sector agencies will be “running the show” alone. Bearing in mind that the Government’s drug and alcohol policies will, surely, rely on the private sector to create jobs, to influence sales of alcohol, to provide services and to direct both current and future trends, can this be right? The active involvement of the private sector in local partnerships is going to be essential to its successful delivery and future success.

Addictions UK have been disappointed with the attitude of the various Drug and Alcohol Public Sector Agencies over the last several years with those such as the Drug and Alcohol Teams (DAATs) excluding us completely in spite of our being able to demonstrate innovative and effective treatment as a home-based Addictions Treatment Agency – the leader in its field in the UK. Our Agency is consistently getting high success rates and our costs are well below that of other agencies. We have proved that we can reach clients that cannot be reached by traditional means.

We will be asking this question and hope to be assured that the Government agrees with us that without fully representative partnerships locally and regionally, it is not going to be possible to effect change – and be of no doubt – change is needed.

Addictions UK offers Home-based Addictions treatment in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for people with dependency problems to alcohol and drugs. Our treatment costs are lower than residential charges – for a 24/7 service we only charge £150 per week. We arrange Home-based Detox throughout the United Kingdom and we are the market leader in this field. Despite this fact the DAAT where we are geographically based steadfastly refuses to recognise our existence on their WebPages. Anyone who can tell us of a local DAAT with good representation from the private sector will win a prize!

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