Addictions UK publishes all our charges on our Website

Treatment Charges – Check them out – Get the best deal for yourself.
We have decided to publish our charges for treatment onto our Webpage. We urge people who are seeking treatment from Local, Regional or National providers of residential addictions treatment to check their charges. Find out the weekly sums charges to clients. They vary very considerably – especially those organisations that add on extras…

If “follow up” care is being purchased – then find out how much you are paying a week / day. Addictions UK, for example, offers free support for all clients through our 24 / 7 helpline. Daily treatment support sessions cost £30.00 and can be purchased on an ad hoc fashion. We are concerned at some of the Home Detox Providers that do not offer any on going treatment at all. It is easy to stop drinking however it is much harder to stay stopped. Help with ongoing dependence is crucial if an abstinence programme has any chance of working.

If Rehab Brokers – or referral agents – are being used (and some are very good) make certain that they are charging you the same as the provider themselves and that you are paying no more that you would if you went to them direct. We know of some referral agents that charge considerably more because they offer support after treatment at much higher rates that you can purchase else where – hence the need to ask questions. If you haggle over the price of a hotel room – then negotite the best price for your treatment package.

Sometimes Home-based addictions treatment can be far more economical because you are not paying high “hotel / bed and breakfast” rates. Some residential Rehabs offer fantastic care and treatment and are worth every penny – they cater for people who do need residential intervention. These “Tier 4” Agencies are struggling at the moment because the Public Sector is not sending clients who need public sector financial help.

We have supported the campaigns to keep the residential centres open. Without some of these Rehabs – many people would not have found recovery. The good ones will not mind you asking questions about their charges – and how much they pay to the various recovery agents. It has been known that some of these providers have given discounts when self payers barter … It is worth a try – shy bairns get no soup – as they say in Newcastle upon Tyne and Scotland!

Addictions UK will be publishing on their web page our full charges. Discounts are available in certain case – and we offer the possibility of applying for extended payments terms according to status. Most Treatment Centres will require a guarantor of good standing according to status.

Addictions UK offers a range of Home -based services and are developing links with residential providers who can offer part residential and part Home treatment services. Please telephone 0800 140 4044 for further details of our services or look at our website or e-mail Information on our Home Detox WebSite please visit the Home Detox UK Website.

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