After a Medical Detox say YES to daily 24 / 7 treatment – NO to Weekly Aftercare

Beware of some ‘Addictions Treatment Providers’ offering ‘Aftercare’ following a Medical Detox – especially their weekly ‘Aftercare Package’. You can get a full treatment regime for half the price of some of their weekly service from a reputable agency! Take care in choosing the right agency for your needs.

The Addictions UK Home-based Treatment and Detox services offers daily sessions with clients with dependency to alcohol and drugs. However, sometimes more than one daily session is required – and that is why we have a free 24 / 7 treatment line – we can respond immediately to our clients’ needs and requirements and we can offer unlimited contact with our clients when required for no extra cost.

One weekly session of aftercare is simply not adequate for most people. Addictions illness is very serious and it can be fatal. We know this because all of our stakeholders here at Addictions UK are recovering addicts and alcoholics themselves. Not only are staff trained but they can identify with other addicts and alcoholics because they suffer from the same illness.

Residential or Home-based Detox is not difficult – but it is not a cure. We do not provide weekly after care as an alternative to treatment – we do not think that it works.

For details of our services see the Addictions UK website – details of our Home Detox services see or telephone us on 0800 140 4044

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