Housebound Alcoholic – Home-based Treatment

I am a housebound and I have had a major alcohol problem for years. I do not think that Treatment Centres work – well not for me. I have been in several. They are too structured and regimented and “control” was a big issue in those types of centres for me. My background makes me want to challenge such structures and programmes. I believe that they are doomed to failure. Authority was an issue for me and I was pleased to have been able to practice the programme from my own home. The telephone treatment for me was wonderful – it fitted into my particular circumstances and environment.
It is very important. Recovering addicts have the skills and knowledge required because of their experiential learning. The facilitator knows exactly what he is talking about having been through the problems of addictions. Trained Doctors and Social workers who are not recovering addicts have no knowledge other than theory, they have no life experience and they have not got the tee shirt. Physical illness caused me to have a “wake-up” call. Continued drinking was causing massive problems. My life was threatened by a massive stroke that has left me disabled with mobility problems speech problems and various other symptoms. I am sober now and have been for over two years.
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