South Asian Drug and Alcohol Addictions

De-Addiction Services in the UK for the family

Addictions UK – the leading provider of Addictions Treatment Services in the United Kingdom – now offers De-Addiction Services throughout the United Kingdom.
Apart from establishing a De-Addiction Service in South India (Chennai), Addictions UKnow offers customised therapies based on an eclectic treatment models including Coaching, Counselling and Various Spiritual Treatment Services which are effective, affordable and confidential.
We work extensively with people from South Asia including the sub-continent and our success record is very high.  Addictions UK offers a home detox service throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.
Simon Stephens, Director of Case-Work said, “I am pleased Addictions UK has established a specialist and customised de-addiction service and I invite anyone who would like further information to contact me now.”  There are many people from India and Pakistan and other South Asian countries that need urgent de-addiction help and support.
Addictions UK is the leading provider of home addictions treatment and can offer treatment through counselling and other therapies – please telephone 0800 140 4044 for further information

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