Step Away

Thought: ‘When climbing out of depression seems impossible, settle down and let it float away.’

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It happens to us all.
You spend ages and ages trying to solve a problem – balance a set of figures, debug a computer program, find the missing car keys. You go on and on persuading yourself that in just another minute or two, you’ll work it out.
Eventually something calls you away – there’s someone at the door or the dog wants out.
Suddenly, a few moments after you step away from the problem there’s that “face palm” moment when you realise where the missing penny is or why the code doesn’t work or in which “safe place” you put the keys.
It’s easy to laugh about things like that. Personal issues are not so funny.
When you are overwhelmed by worry or depression it’s really hard to let go and relax. But, as with all those other things, it’s just when you step away for a moment that things start to fall into place.
Admitting that we are powerless over addiction to alcohol or drugs or anything else and that we need help is a similar story of “letting go” and moving forward at last.

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