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How regular conversation with a trained therapist can help Addictions Treatment at Home.

How can talking daily to a skilled addictions therapist help me?
This part of treatment is probably both the most important and hardest thing you will ever do in your life. If you’re reading this you might already have come to the conclusion you have a problem, which is the first major step, but do you know what exactly your problem is? You might know, for example, that is is to do with drink but is it an abuse problem, a trauma problem or is a pathological dependency? Check our blog article on the different aspects of alcohol problems.
The first thing a counsellor should do is help you identify where you really need help. We never tell you what you should think, we believe you are your own expert; our job is to guide you through a journey of self-discovery. Addictions UK principally offers talking therapies to trauma or pathological dependant clients; in each case the approach differs.
We can help you come to terms with trauma by helping you explore your relationship with past events; sometimes we blame ourselves when in reality it was not our fault. Although we may have been told this more than a few times it’s not until we can explore this for ourselves with the help of someone trained in the skills of active listening that we can finally take ownership and be in control of the issue. Once we feel we have come to terms with the trauma, then we need no longer to hide away with drink.
A pathological dependency requires a different approach. An explanation of the science behind this illness helps you understand that you may be powerless over alcohol and that abstinence is the solution. Again, we don’t tell you this but help you self-diagnose and come to your appropriate conclusions. If you do not think you’re powerless over alcohol than your problems has its roots elsewhere, like trauma, and we will help you follow that path. If you do conclude you are powerless and you indeed have the illness of pathological dependency, we can commence a course of recovery. All the way through, with the aid of text books and DVDs, we help you explore and experiment with ways of self-empowerment that will enable you to embrace a proven concept of daily abstinent living. Clients often express their surprise at how this approach enriches their lives and brings forth a high state of self-worth from the misery that pre-existed before treatment.
In all events, our therapy is about assisted self-enlightenment and respecting your personal autonomy to help you achieve a new way of living.
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