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Anxiety, Depression, Bereavement or just feeling “Stuck in a Rut” – these are all reasons why you might feel inclined to seek help from a qualified “accredited counsellor”.
Counsellors help you explore issues that are troubling you by using what are called “talking therapies”. These are a scientifically proven methods of helping you come to terms with difficult Thoughts and feelings. Imagine if you will that your brain is represented by a computer. You would use a program like “Word” or “Excel” to instruct your machine to achieve something useful. In much the same way speech is used to help you understand what is going on for you.
It might be useful to dispel a few myths. You don’t have to lie on a couch facing away from a bearded man who is constantly talking notes and saying “Hmm” and “I see”. Counselling these days is much more relaxed and friendly; it’s more like a structured conversation where it’s you who chooses what you want to discuss. You are not going to be made to disclose things that you not yet ready to talk about.
Accredited Counsellors will first of all be qualified, with a substantial amount of training behind them. They will also have joined an organisation like the British Association of Counselling and Physiotherapy and will have agreed to abide their strict rules of “Ethical Conduct”.
Be aware, there is nothing to stop anyone from claiming that they are a counsellor. A qualified counsellor will always advise you to which association they belong and their qualifications will be available to be checked and verified.
Don’t be alarmed and allow the above to put you off – just be aware that a few simple questions will help you find some one right for you. Counselling is a great “medication free” way of finding wellbeing.
We recommend Counselling North to those people who need to find suitable help. Counselling can be arranged both face to face and remotely.  For further details, visit Counselling North’s Contact Page on line or phone 0800 140 4044.
Addiction Treatment can be obtained through Addictions UK –  contact us on line or telephone us on 0800 140 4044.  Addictions UK is the leading provider of Addictions Treatment at home including medical detox.

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