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Government listens to us in The Houses of Commons

Addictions UK were represented at a meeting of the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) on the 2 February 2010. The meeting attracted over 100 people – most of whom had interesting views as to how the Government should change policies. The meeting was chaired by Andrew Griffiths MP and the Guest speaker was James Brokenshire MP. Both these members of Parliament were very fluent and James Brokenshire MP answered many questions from the floor of the committee room competently. Addictions UK will be attending more social policy meetings in the future not least to campaign for DAATS to embrace a greater partnership between the public, private and third sectors.

Copied at the end of this blog is the letter to Andrew Griffiths the chair of the meeting underlining some of views about co-operation. We were disappointed that Lord Mancroft, the main chairman of the APPG was unable to attend due to being snow bound in the United States for he is a friend of those people calling for progressive policies in the drug and alcohol field.

“Addictions UK Ltd. is a Social Enterprise which allies itself to the private and third sector. We appreciate the task of your Government to cut expenditure and to improve value for money. To this end we have successfully developed a home-based addictions treatment service that works in all parts of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

We deliver a range of “talking therapies” using the telephone as our main instrument of delivery, though we do arrange medical detox with doctors and nurses conducting this work within the home. This service is less expensive than residential rehabs – and it works very well gaining good results. Additionally we offer a proven relapse prevention service providing treatment for people who have been in residential accommodation on discharge. We charge £150 per week for a 24 / 7 recovery delivered daily, encompassing 24 hour support for clients and carers.

We urge your Government to help service providers carry out their work by encouraging a partnership approach and actively involving the private sector. All too often Public Sector Agencies seem to exclude other providers. For example why do Drug and Alcohol Action Teams seem to steadfastly avoid including the private sector for most of their strategic work including information provision of their websites? Can Government not insist on the active involvement of private and third sector agencies being included in at least their public information? This would not cost any more money. Client choice is of the essence – the Private Sector has a lot to offer but many of us feel simply excluded. I wonder if your officials can find many examples of active private sector involvement and engagement in the North East of England. If a cross-sector partnership approach was available then this could save a great deal of unnecessary overlap.

Please ensure that your addictions treatment policies focus on the following:

(i) Promote client choice,

(ii) A mixed economy and

(iii) Joined up services.

The private sector (including social enterprise) is well placed to assist you in the objectives. We actively provide three of the Government’s objectives – Freedom from dependency using innovative methodology, Good citizenship though treating the client holistically. Our client led services promote well being and value for money.”

For futher details on our views regarding Public policy contact us or telephone 0800 140 4044.
Addictions UK offers Home-based Addictions Treatment including Home Detox throughout Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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