The Potential of the Unlovely

Thought: ‘The finest mansions are built from little lumps of burned-up clay and swipes of sloppy mortar.’

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When it comes down it, hardly anything that we admire starts off in the form we now see it.
The most beautiful diamond ring starts off as dirty, rough stones with no sparkle at all. The finest paintings begin as squirts of greasy pigment.
Even in nature, the most beautiful flowers spring from uninspiring seeds.
So it’s important for all of us to focus on potential, on the goal, not the starting point.
Addiction to alcohol, drugs or anything else spoils lives, reducing relationships and lifestyles to a mess. But time and again experience teaches us that there is still potential in the unlovely.
So although you may look at your own life and think there is not much in it to celebrate, be sure that it is full of possibilities. Everyone has potential waiting to be released, be it through the development of talents or the restoration of relationships.
With a little help, anyone can rediscover and release the possibilities, however hidden and unlikely they may seem.
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